Civil Funerals

Civil Funerals

Over a period of years we have noticed many bereaved people who are disappointed that they are only offered two types of funeral ceremony. The first is a traditional religious funeral conducted by a minister of religion, the second is a strictly nonreligious, or atheist, ceremony conducted by a Humanist officiant.

Until now there has been no compromise solution for those who may have some underlying religious belief but are not regular churchgoers or who feel disconnected from mainstream religious institutions.

With the feelings of the family very much in mind we have now addressed this important need and are able to offer a personalised ceremony to reflect the life of every individual client.

Family members are welcome to choose the format of the ceremony which can include as little, or as much, religious content as required. For those who feel that a traditional Religious Funeral Service is not for them we can design a ceremony to meet their exact needs.

Should you wish to pursue this option we would return to visit you, by appointment, just as a Minister or Humanist would do, and find out about the person who has died, the life they have lived and the type of ceremony which you would like us to design.

Two suggested ceremonies are outlined on the suggested link but I must stress that each ceremony is unique and other items my be included at your request.

Please discuss any individual requirements which you may have with your funeral director or with Mr Richard Binks.

Suggested Ceremonies

Planning a Tribute

Visual Tribute

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