Planning a Tribute

Planning a tribute

When planning a tribute to a loved one, here are some of the types of questions which can help. Not all of the questions will be relevant in all cases but this is only intended as a guide.

• Date and place of birth
• Parents names and occupations
• Where was childhood spent
• Did (s)he have any brothers or sisters
• What schools were attended
• Any further education or professional qualifications
• Occupation(s)
• Was (s)he married and, if so, to whom
• Where and when did they meet
• Where did they live at the time and where since
• Details of grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc.
• Outside of work what hobbies or interests did (s)he have
• Was (s)he a member of any club
• Did pets play a big part in his/her life
• Where have holidays been spent over the years
• Has the persons health affected their life
• Did (s)he have any special likes or dislikes
• What are your favorite memories of him/her
• How is (s)he best described

Each tribute is a highly personalized composition and there may well be other aspects of the persons life which would not come out through the above questions. Planning a tribute should not be like an interview, it should be like a conversation about the persons life but I hope that the above topics give some food for thought.

Richard J.W.Binks
Member of the Institute of Civil Funerals

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