Type Of Service

Types of Service

Religious Service

A Religious service is traditionally led by a minister or similar from the local church. The service can take place in a church, at the crematorium or at the graveside and will usually follow a specific pattern based on each religions teachings. This type of service is generally suitable for somebody who attended church and had firm beliefs.

Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony can be almost anything you want it to be to best reflect the life of the person who has died. It is often non-religious but there is the option to have a prayer and/or religious music such as a hymn. This type of service is often chosen by both people who want no religious content or where the person who died, or a close family member has a belief in God but did not follow a particular religious denomination. The ceremony is usually performed in the crematorium chapel, at the graveside or in our private service chapel.

Humanist Ceremony

A non-religious service can be performed by a civil celebrant or a humanist celebrant or members of the family. This type of service tends to focus entirely on the deceased’s life, their hobbies, interests and family life, there is specifically no mention of God or heaven as an afterlife. A non-religious service can take place anywhere although the chapel at the crematorium or cemetery would be the usual option. You may choose a non-religious service if the deceased was not religious in any way or if you want the service to be more focused on celebrating the deceased’s achievements in life.
This is just a general outline of the different types of funeral service, for more help in deciding which service would be right for you and your family please speak to your funeral director or contact us.