Funeral Vehicles

Funeral Vehicles

A choice of funeral vehicles is something most people probably don’t realize they have. A traditional hearse and matching limousines are the most common choice but some people do opt for a different mode of transport for their loved ones. Below we have outlined a few of the options that are available to you.

Our Jaguar Hearse & Limousines

We operate a fleet of Jaguar funeral vehicles incorporating one hearse & two limousines. We acquired these vehicles in April 2018, brand new from Wilcox Limousines. Each vehicle is made in Britain from a Jaguar XJ, the hearse is based on the estate model and the limousines are based on the saloon model. Each Limousine is capable of seating up to 7 passengers, and we can acquire further limousines if you need more than 2.

Horse Drawn Hearse

The option of a horse drawn hearse is perfect for anybody looking to add a little grandeur to a funeral procession. The carriage is usually available in either black or white, with horses wearing livery to match. Whilst a horse drawn hearse can be elegant and traditional it is worth remembering that they do travel at very slow speeds.

Motorcycle Hearse

The motorcycle hearse is perfect for any bike enthusiast and consists of a motorcycle and converted sidecar. These are available in a range of different models including Harley Davidson & Triumph.
Other hearse options available include;
  • Morris Minor
  • Vintage Lorry
  • London Bus
  • VW Camper
  • Land Rover
  • Rolls Royce
  • Fire Engine
  • Pink Hearse
  • ‘Wavy Jack’ (Union Jack hearse)