Music and Hymns

Music & Hymns

Most funeral services contain music in one form or another, a service in church is likely to include hymns and music played on the organ, whereas a service at the crematorium is most likely to use recorded music although there is often a piano available.

The music you choose for the service can usually be anything, whether it be a song your loved one liked to dance to, something your family would sing in the car on holidays or a song from the first dance at a wedding. The choice of music is another way you can add a meaningful touch to the funeral service.

If you are having a service in church, then the vicar (or other minister) will most likely discuss your hymn choices with you. Most churches will also allow recorded music to be played at the beginning and end of the service, however this is at the discretion of each church.

Music at the crematorium is now arranged via an online system, it is free of charge but it does require that the music be commercially available for purchase. It is possible to have music played that has come from a non-commercial source, such as a family member or friend, to make this happen we require a digital copy of the track and a letter of consent from the artist.

We can take care of all your music requirements, including the organizing of music at the crematorium or obtaining an organist.

Please be aware that Leeds City Council has limited the number of pieces of music allowed at its crematoria to three per service.