Registering a Death

By law a registration must take place within 5 days of a death occurring unless the Coroner is involved. The death should be registered within the district where the person died.

Who Can Register a Death

You can register a death if you’re;
  • A relative
  • Somebody present at the death
  • The person who found the deceased
  • The person making arrangements with the funeral director

Where Can You Register

Although you need to register in the district where the person died, you don’t necessarily have to register at the office closest to where the death took place. For example, a death that took place in Leeds General Infirmary can be registered at any of the Leeds Registry Offices such as Morley Town Hall.

LEEDS - City Centre One Stop, 2 Great George Street, Leeds LS2 8BA.
Open 9.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
Tel: 0113 222 4408

MORLEY - Morley Town Hall.
Open Tuesday 11.30am - 3.30pm. Wednesday and Friday 9.30am - 2.00pm. Monday and Thursday closed.
Tel: 0113 222 4408

DEWSBURY - Dewsbury Town Hall, WF12 8DG.
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30am - 4.00pm. Wednesday 9.30am - 6.00pm.
Tel: 01924 324 882

WAKEFIELD - Wakefield Town Hall, Wood St, Wakefield WF1 2HQ.
Open 9.00 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am – 12.30 pm Saturday.
Tel: 01924 302185

What you need to take with you

When you go to register you will need to take the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (this is often required to book the appointment).
If the Coroner has been involved they will give you the documents you need, or they may send them direct to the Registrar.
If available, you should also take;
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • NHS medical card
You will also need to provide the following information;
  • the person’s full name at the time of death
  • any names previously used, e.g. maiden name
  • the person’s date and place of birth
  • their last address
  • their occupation
  • the full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving or late spouse or civil partner
  • whether they were getting a State Pension or any other benefits

What You Will Get

  • Certificate for Burial or Cremation (the ‘Green Form’). We need this in order for a funeral to take place
  • Certificate of Registration of Death (Form BD8), You will need to fill this out and return it if the deceased was collecting a State Pension or any benefits.
You can buy extra death certificates which you may need for dealing with banks, private pensions and insurance companies.