Before The Funeral

Before the Funeral

These are a few things you may wish to consider before a funeral takes place

Newspaper Notices

Informing people about a funeral taking place is often a cause for concern. You may not have known all of your loved one’s friends or co-workers and the idea that somebody will be upset that they didn’t know about the funeral can be quite a worry. Placing a notice in the newspaper gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have done what you can to make people aware of the funeral details. You can choose to place the notice in your local paper, such as the Morley Observer & Advertiser, or a newspaper with a wider target are, such as the Yorkshire Evening Post. We can place the notice in the paper for you and we can also help to compose the notice with you to ensure all the necessary details are covered.

Online Obituary

At J W Binks Funeral Directors, we offer a free online obituary service that helps to provide all the information mourners might need before attending the funeral. The online obituary carries the information of the funeral service and any funeral reception as well as maps to necessary locations. JW Binks Online Obituaries You will also find a tool to allow people to make donations to your chosen charity in memory of your loved one. Mourners can also leave messages of condolence for the family. To view our online obituaries please click here

Chapel of Rest

In most cases it is possible to come to the Chapel of Rest to visit a loved one, this is usually done after the funeral arrangements have been made and a coffin has been selected and once all of the legal documentation has been completed by the doctors or coroner.

Visiting the Chapel of Rest is a very personal decision and one you should make for your own reason. We will offer you any help and guidance to enable you to make the right choice for yourself. You may also need to decide if you are happy for your loved ones extended family and friends to come and pay their respects.

It is important to remember that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to the Chapel of Rest, you do not have to feel obliged to visit if you don’t want to, the people in our care are treated with the same dignity and respect even if you don’t want anybody to visit the Chapel of Rest. There is a wide range of choices when deciding on how someone will be dressed, whether it’s in a three-piece suit, a set of comfy pyjamas, or one of our funeral gowns.