Cremated Remains

Cremated Remains

The decision of what to do with a loved ones cremated remains can often be a difficult one. For some people it is important to keep the ashes close in one form or another, for others its more important that the ashes be scattered somewhere of personal significance. Ashes can either be scattered in the garden of rest at the crematorium or collected from the crematorium on your behalf by J W Binks Funeral Directors, we will hold the ashes in our care until you are ready to collect them. Cremated remains can then be scattered at a location of your choice, buried in a grave plot or you can keep them in an urn or keepsake.

Scattering of Ashes

The law on scattering ashes in the UK is fairly relaxed. You can even scatter or bury ashes in your garden if you wish. There is nothing explicit in the legislation to restrict people in disposing of cremated ashes. While the law may be on your side, the difficulty may come in gaining permission to scatter or bury ashes on someone else’s land. You should definitely have the landowner’s permission and certain places are off-limits. Here are a few examples;
  • Private Land– You must obtain permission from the land owner, and you may wish to consider whether or not you would have permission to revisit the site.
  • Beauty spots– The problems you may face when choosing a beauty spot is that you may struggle for privacy, especially if you are planning a ceremony.
  • Rivers– The Environment Agency states it is acceptable to scatter ashes in a river as long as you don’t put anything in the river that will not degrade.
  • At sea– You can choose to go out on a boat, scatter the ashes at the shoreline or bury them in the sand.
  • Mountain or Hill tops – Although the top of a hill or mountain can be an inspiring setting for the scattering of cremated remains, it is important to consider weather conditions and the negative effect on sensitive plant life often found on a mountain top. We recommend choosing a secluded spot on the ascent, perhaps around a tree or cairn.

Burial of Ashes

Having cremated remains interred in a grave provides you with a place to visit your loved one and pay your last respects. Ashes are usually interred in a wooden casket, Scattertubes or biodegradable urns, in some cases the ashes are poured directly into the ground.

You may choose to hold a small committal service when interring ashes in a grave, this can be performed by the officiant who delivered the funeral service or by one of our staff. You can choose to have ashes interred in a churchyard or local authorities’ cemetery if you have or wish to purchase a grave plot.