Whether it is for religious or personal reasons the practise of burying a loved one is a tradition dating back over 100,000 years. J W Binks Funeral Directors are here to make you aware of your options and to help in deciding what type of burial suits you and your family.


The traditional place of burial for those living within a parish is the churchyard. A parishioner is defined as one who normally resides in the ecclesiastical parish in question. Additionally, a person on the church electoral roll at the time of death and a person happening to die in the parish also have a right of burial in the churchyard. It is common with a churchyard burial to hold the funeral service within the church itself. The person paying fees for a churchyard burial does not obtain ownership of the grave, nor even, in strict law, the exclusive right of burial therein. All land in a churchyard remains the property of the church authorities unless granted to an individual by a faculty at the discretion of the chancellor of the Diocese concerned. There are therefore no - grave deeds.

Local Authority Cemeteries

Local authority cemeteries can be found throughout the country and are operated by the local council, some cemeteries such as Morley (Bruntcliffe) cemetery provide no other function, whereas other cemeteries may have a chapel for funeral services to take place prior to the burial. When you buy a grave, you are buying an exclusive right of burial grant, not the land itself. The deed shows for how many years you can decide who can be buried in that grave. You will need to show the grant if you want another burial in the grave at a later date. All grave rights are sold for a fixed period of time.

Woodland & Green Burial

Woodland & Green Burials are increasing in popularity as concerns for the loss of trees and wildlife become widespread and several councils, private companies and individuals have recognised that burial facilities can be designed to offer many benefits to wildlife, whilst also introducing greater choice for the bereaved. Woodland graves offer a return to nature for those who wish to be buried in areas where trees, shrubs and wild flowers grow. The nearest Green cemetery to us is the Rose Hill Green Burial Ground at Huddersfield. There are also woodland burial sites at Skipton and Sheffield.