Funeral Stationery

Funeral Stationery

J w Binks Funeral Stationery

We have a wide range of funeral stationery designs to choose from, as well as being able to produce bespoke designs. All our funeral stationery is professionally printed using highest quality materials, offering you the very best accompaniment to a funeral service.

The products we are able to offer are;

  • Orders of Service
  • Attendance Cards
  • Memorial Cards Small
  • Memorial Cards Large
  • Thank you cards (including envelopes)
  • Bookmarks
  • Books of Condolence (including white presentation box)
  • Memory Box

Order 0f Service2030405060708090100each additional 10
4 Pages£46.80£52.00£55.90£59.80£63.70£67.60£72.80£76.70£80.60£3.90
4 Pages Colour£59.80£65.00£68.90£74.10£79.30£83.20£88.40£92.30£97.50£5.20
8 Pages£55.90£61.10£67.60£72.80£78.00£84.50£89.70£96.20£101.40£5.20
8 Pages Colour£81.90£89.70£96.20£102.70£109.20£115.70£122.20£130.00£136.50£6.50
12 Pages£63.70£71.50£78.00£85.80£93.60£100.10£107.90£114.40£122.20£7.80
12 Pages Colour£105.30£113.10£122.20£131.30£140.40£149.50£157.30£166.40£175.50£9.10
16 Pages£72.28£81.12£89.96£98.80£107.64£116.48£125.32£134.16£143.00£8.84
16 Pages Colour£127.14£138.06£148.98£159.90£170.82£181.74£192.66£203.58£214.50£10.92

Prices shown are for ‘black and white’ and ‘Colour cover’. Colour inside pages are available at an extra cost. Price includes two photographs, please add £5 per additional photograph.

Other Products1020304050Each
Attendance Cards£29.90£32.50£35.10£37.70£40.30£2.60
Memorial Cards Small£32.50£35.10£37.70£40.30£42.90£2.60
Memorial Cards large£35.10£39.00£42.90£46.80£50.70£3.90
Thank You Cards£35.10£39.00£42.90£46.80£50.70£3.90